Did I play today?


It started out with us making something nice to eat.  Me and my two little pals rooting in the baking press for yumminess.   We found cooking apples and porridge oats, so the shout went up for Apple Crumble.  On further foraging from the freezer we excavated some frozen berries –  mmm even more promising –  Apple and Berry Crumble so.  We got stuck in and before you could say “I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream”, the berry crumble was bubbling over in the oven.   Now here’s a thing, you can’t have hot berry crumble without ice cream.

Back to the freezer, alas, not a spoon of ice cream to be had.  Some quick thinking required.    I remembered a post that I had swiped past on facebook; ‘homemade ice cream in ziplock bag’.

A quick google and we were off again.  We located some cream, some sugar, vanilla essence, ice cubes and salt.  I found one small ziplock bag and made do with a bigger plastic shopping bag to complete our experiment.

The science began. (The theory, allegedly is, Freezing Point Depression).    We had to put loads of ice and salt into the big bag and then put the very simple and pure mixture of cream, sugar and vanilla essence into the smaller bag.  We inserted the small now sealed bag into the heart of the ice and salt in the big bag – shut it tight and… brrr – the salt makes the ice melt and it gets very cold in there.

The next bit was to shake, jump, dance, skip, jiggle the big bag for a non-stop 10 minutes, this I might add constituted a pre crumble work out.  With red faces and an enormous amount of body heat generated, we went exploring into the inner chamber of our homemade freezing unit, and the once liquid ingredients were magically getting it together.  We agreed to seal the bag and dance some more just to be sure.

Just one more song!

Approximately 3 minutes later we dished up the berry crumble and we spooned out solid masses of creamy icy vanilla.

We ate to our heart and belly’s content.  T’was delicious fun, every bit of it.  So yeah, I played today.

The playlist for hopping about to.

Oh so quiet -Bjork.

Magic Spell – This is the Kit.

Let’s Dance – David Bowie

Echo Beach – Martha and the Muffins

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