Did you play today?


Why is the first step the hardest step of all.  Perhaps it is a step which is stored deep within the body – that first wobbly step.  Was it barefoot, was it seen, was it scared, was it encouraged, was it fun…. I wonder..

Anyway here I am in 2017 taking my first public step in to the world of blogging.  I want to play with the very notion of play. I am going to explore it, to get messy in it,  get lost in it.

In a world gone mad, I find myself drawing on some of the powers of play; transformation, imagination, resilience, creativity. Super powers all of them.   Mr Ralph Waldo Emerson said that  “It is a happy talent to know how to play.”  Imagine if we valued that thought.

Did I play today?   I sure did for I was free and in holiday mode,  I loitered with intent on the beach to write ‘play’ with stones and seaweed lion’s tails in the sand.  I came home to an unexpected house full of little boys bursting with energy so we re-invented a game of ‘ping pong piggy in the middle’ – one tiny rubber ball  with a bounce as unstoppable as their zest for jumping and squealing and I realise that between us we have loads of ‘happy’ talent for we sure know how to play.

The cost?  Nothing but time.

So when your day’s work has eased, when the world wide news is grim, ask yourself “did I play today?”


Soundtrack in my head.

Princess Leia’s Theme – A new hope – Star Wars (John Williams)

Good Morning – Debbie Reynolds – Singing in the Rain


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